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Based in Oak Park, Illinois, husband and wife, Pat and Olya Dailey, own and operate Café/Bistro on a daily bases for over nine years.
Pat and Olya had a vision for a two bedroom apartment like nobody else. In 2008 new opportunities knocked at their door almost simultaneously.They decided to try something different by combining Café/Bistro – Books Store – Gift Shop. Pat and Olya are happily married and together they are raising their son Allen.

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Six days a week from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., Patrick and Olya Dailey are at work cooking and serving up their favorite homespun American and European-inspired drinks, dishes and desserts from an open kitchen behind the counter in the rezoned, retooled two-bedroom garden apartment of their mixed-use apartment building at 102 Harrison St. (near Lyman Ave.) in Oak Park. In the past three years, Eastgate Cafe, Books and Gifts has become a local fixture, offering food, an array of hostess gifts, coffee table books and even wine at reasonable prices. It is tucked away a couple of blocks west of Austin Boulevard in the midst of house boutiques, eateries, art galleries and other small businesses that have come to define the Oak Park Arts District.    Read more…

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